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Ways to Use the Cloud in Your Small Business

21/03/2018 15:17:34 In GMX News
small business, centralized location, backup, cloud computing, file storage for business, μικρές επιχειρήσεις, αποθήκευση δεδομένων, κοινή χρήση, πληροφορίες, σχεδιασμός ανάπτυξης
Discover How Cloud Computing Helps Small Business Owners Do More with Less

How is the Cloud Object Storage helping your business respond to the EU's General Regulation ?

12/03/2018 11:02:46 In GMX News
gdpr, personal data, object storage, eu, 25 may 2018, assessment, risk of data breach, data regulation, προστασία δεδομένων, ευρωπαικός κανονισμός
Let's talk about GDPR.

What is DevOps and why is it so important?

21/03/2018 15:17:20 In GMX News
devops, development services, startup, applications, άνοδος, καινοτομία
And how important is it for your company?

Why choose an alternative Cloud Provider

24/04/2017 19:49:47 In GMX News
change cloud provider, development, cloud platform, affordable pricing, deploy applications, tutorial, support, τεχνολογία, ποιότητα υπηρεσιών, τεχνογνωσία
The world is full of choices !