What is DevOps and why is it so important?

And how important is it for your company?

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The rise of DevOps

With IT-enabled innovation a competitive differentiator for almost all types and sizes of organisation, agility in delivering IT systems and the ability to run them reliably and cost effectively is critical. This importance gives rise to the DevOps concept and, in turn, the demand for the skills listed above.

Is DevOps worth it ?

Today's business challenges have pushed traditional delivery approaches to new levels. Therefore, the benefits of a DevOps approach far outweigh any potential difficulties in aligning the two transparency-limited siloes. It delivers systems to the business faster and reduces risk of production changes through automated non-functional testing and shorter development iterations.

You can partner with GMX TEC who can provide both experienced DevOps experts and management support.

Is your organisation a good fit?

 There are some common traits that identify the strong fit candidates for change:

  • Existing strong culture of collaboration and open communication

  • An executive leadership team who sees IT as a business enabler

  • Revenue and brand derived substantially from web and mobile channels

  • Start-ups who want to be more nimble than their established competition

  • Applications that are self-built and developed on open technology

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