A growing set of services that allow customers to more easily track their cloud usage

One of the key elements of Cloud Computing are the management tools.

There are a number of different tools and ways to refine the elements of Cloud.

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Cloud Deployment

 Gain the flexibility you need to deploy several versions of your code simultaneously

Repeatable Deployment Process

By creating configuration files which define the resources, the process of creating those resources can be repeated over and over with consistent results.

Focus on the Application

You can focus on the set of resources which comprise the application or service instead of deploying each resource separately.

Parallel Deployment

We can deploy many resources at one time, in parallel.

Declarative Language

 A declarative approach allows you to specify what the configuration should be and let our system figure out the steps to take.


Templates allow the use of building blocks to create abstractions or sets of resources that are typically deployed together (e.g. an instance template, instance group, and auto-scaler)


One resource definition can reference another resource creating dependencies and controlling the order of resource creation


Logging allows you to store, search, analyze, monitor, and alert on log data and events



Tail & Search


React & Analyze


Use GMX TEC to aggravate your logs


Text log files



Routers & firewalls



How it Works

              The term cloud refers to a set of web-hosted applications that store and allow access to data over the Internet instead of on a computer’s hard drive.

Cloud monitoring works through a set of tools that supervise the servers, resources and running the applications. These tools generally come from two sources:

  • In-house tools from the cloud provider
    This is a simple option because the tools are part of the service. There is no installation, and integration is seamless.

  • Tools from independent SaaS provider
    Although the SaaS provider may be different from the cloud service provider, that doesn’t mean the two services don’t work seamlessly. These providers also have expertise in managing performance and costs.

Best Practices of GMX Cloud Monitoring


Availability monitoring

 We define the monitoring of all resources in the IT infrastructure to ensure they are available to cater to the requirements of your organization and its users.

 Interface monitoring

Interface monitoring involves monitoring the interfaces on a device for errors, packet loss, discards, utilization limits, etc. The information from interface monitoring will help identify possible network issues that are the cause of poor application or service performance.

Disk monitoring

Data or information is one of the most important resources for an organization. Organizations need data for business planning, as well as its smooth functioning.


The hardware forms the backbone of the entire IT infrastructure. If a hardware critical to the day to day operations of the network goes down, that also will lead to network downtime

Baseline network behavior

We are able to identify potential problems even before users start complaining, by being aware of what is normal in the network.

Reports at every layer

When a data connection fails, the failure can happen at any one of the layers or even at multiple points. Using a monitoring system that supports multiple technologies to monitor at all layers, as well as different types of devices in the network would make problem detection and troubleshooting easier.

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Cloud Portal

Flexible and extensible service

Hosted services automation

Manage at-scale hosted services solutions, including cloud desktops and universal support of hosted enterprise and line of business applications.


Enable helpdesks to quickly disable or enable customers and users, plus investigate any user related issues.

Customer relationship management

Manage a hierarchy of customers and resellers with specific levels of access.

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CloudPortal Services Manager

GMX CloudPortal Services is a comprehensive control panel used to simplify the provisioning and scaling of hosted workspaces, improving operating efficiency and reducing management costs. 


Debug Tool is an interactive source-level tool for compiled applications in a variety of development environments.

What is Debugging?

Debugging, in computer programming and engineering, is a multistep process that involves identifying a problem, isolating the source of the problem, and then either correcting the problem or determining a way to work around it. 

The final step of debugging is to test the correction or workaround and make sure it works.

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GMX TEC has years of experience in debugging.

We are familiar with many debugging techniques and tactics can involve interactive debugging, control flow analysis, unit testing, integration testing, log file analysis, monitoring at the application or system level, memory dumps, and profiling.