GMX Consultancy

Successful implementation comes
from a thorough analysis,
 planning and risκ management.

Professional Services to Simplify your engagement with IT

We offer a range of consultancy services.

We provide a range of consulting services to help our customers capitalize on the growth in Cloud Computing.
Our first-hand experience of building and running a successful cloud infrastructure puts us in a unique position – as business technologists, we can enable you to identify, implement and operate the right solution for your business.

Analysis / Audit

The audit analysis is extremely important. So is the Compliance Audit, a service that GMX provides.


GMX uses analytics and content rules to make recommendations. These suggestions can increase your agility.  

Solution Proposal

s.Architectures to help you design and implement a secure, highly-available, performant and resilient solution  


Build secure and scalable solutions that meet the demands of both customers and business  



Accelerate your Cloud 


Integration methodologies

 Complete Skill Set

 Skillset across security, connectivity, virtualization, and application

OK, you want to go cloud but thinking that you better off building your platform on big clouds? 
Don't worry we are not biased!

 We offer the same consultancy and support services for public clouds.

Whether Google, Amazon, Azure or any other...

Analysis / Audit

Craft strategies with our knowledge at matching actions with objectives. Our experts will lead you to execute strategies with data-driven marketing consultancy. 

 Building, then delivering a successful strategy that harnesses the latest channels and marketing techniques requires a solid understanding of a brand’s current and ideal position. As such all of our projects begin with a thorough audit, which helps us to identify any opportunities that exist.

Competitor analysis

SEO and technical audit

AdWords audit


Market research

Web traffic analysis

 Internet marketing implementation


Compliance Audit

Let's review your business functions to determine whether or not it's meeting specific contractual, regulatory or predetermined requirements.


Plan your implementation with our help

Key Features 


Determine the effect of various Digital

Recommendations settings onsite revenues and


Multiple recommendation types

 Product-based recommendations 

Category-based recommendations

Search term-based recommendations

Fallback recommendations

A mechanism is needed to provide a default and compelling set of recommendations. 

To manage this process, Digital Recommendations provides fallback recommendation processes.

Continuous Support

You can review the algorithmic and rules logic that is specified and applied to an offer to help you fine-tune or troubleshoot recommendations.

Cloud Design

 Building reliable, scalable, secure applications in the cloud.

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Design your Cloud with us

Through significant customer engagements, building data centers and working closely with IaaS architects and administrations, GMX  observed a few facts that all of the best cloud data centers in the world share.

These similarities are segmented into the four design principles outlined below.

Scalable Physical Design

The best IaaS clouds have quick and easy ways to deploy physical machines and to begin using them as part of the virtual infrastructure. Most public and private clouds will start small and need to add additional capacity as more users start to bring their applications to the cloud.

The primary goal is to be able to use a highly dense physical form factor. A second goal is to have a highly modular design.

Simple Provisioning Rules

The best IaaS clouds have quick and easy ways to deploy new virtual machines and to connect them to the rest of the virtual infrastructure

The best solutions have the ability to work in either fashion using a well-integrated central management system. The technology has standard based methods to dynamically balance or correct routing in the network based on real-time information. Finally, GMX offers lossless communication which is critical to support storage over network protocols and to avoid network congestion.

An Elastic Design

An IaaS system should have the ability to adapt to changing load requirements. To the IaaS should have the ability to scale-up when loading increases and to consolidate when load decreases. Work-loads may also change dynamically and being able to rebalance is important. From the IaaS perspective, this means being able to readjust the physical location of virtual machines or storage volumes to balance the load on storage subsystems.

Solution Proposal

The solution proposal describes our proposal considering the best scenario and environment within which your solution will be operating. The goal of our solution proposal is to concisely outline the selected solution, document the analysis that led up to choosing that specific scenario, give cost and schedule estimates, and achieve team agreement on the desired solution and the overall project direction.

The GMX solution proposal addresses six main issues:

Vision and scope

A description of the situation, your business needs and the approach the project team will take to meet those needs.

Current State Infrastructure Assessment

An accurate description of the environment in which the solution will reside and its corresponding variables (e.g all the existing systems that might affect the solution design)

Scenario Design

The boundary of the solution that is defined through an accurate diagram of the possible scenarios. Include an analysis of the solution for efficiency, meeting business needs, and security. 

Budget Considerations

Defines the solution’s estimated cost to the organization.


A synopsis of the schedule for the project, which is presented in more detail in another document or spreadsheet.


An analysis of potential risks as you deploy your selected identity management solution.

    Infrastructure Migration 

    “We provide a complete IT infrastructure migration service based on a proven methodology to ensure you have a successful relocation.”

    We have developed a reliable methodology that includes initial assessment, development of a migration plan and pre-migration testing to ensure a smooth transition with minimum downtime. 
    We also provide migration from physical infrastructures to virtual infrastructures – again with a dedicated and proven migration methodology.

     And we take risk management very seriously. If there are any abnormalities that could not be solved during the allocated migration window, the entire migration will be rolled back to avoid any disruption.

    Specifically, our IT infrastructure migration services include: 
      Data Center Migration Physical-to-Physical (P2P)
      Physical-to-Virtual (P2V)
      Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V)
      Virtual-to-Physical (V2P)

    Security Consultancy

        Key Benefits

    Security on Cloud Consulting Services solution is designed to meet a range of your organization’s needs, from a quick training session to deeper security consulting services.

    Assessment review

    Use our help with reviewing test results and dashboards, and learn how to prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities in your apps.


    A consultant configures and runs your scan, validates the results, walks through the results with you, and suggests how to prioritize fixes.

    Flexible services

    Purchase and redeem engagement units for the services you need when you need them.

    Most Importantly...



    Transition Team Launch

    As the name suggests, this is where our transition team reviews the migration in detail and discusses how best to accommodate your particular needs throughout the transition

    Testing and Training

    Before going live, your applications have to be tested in their new environment. The goal is to resolve any software hiccups that may arise prior to going live.
    In most cases, we use a copy of your real data to run these tests. Complex applications are tested the same way. We take a snapshot of real data and then work with it in a test environment.


     During Cutover we migrate your company assets, such as your email, applications, database, and document management systems to an MSP Data Center from your in-house servers or from another provider.

    Go Live Task Force

    This step is for your first days as a company on the GMX Cloud. To help make everyone ’s transition as smooth as possible we assign a Go-Live Task Force. This is a group of extra technicians standing by on our end. Depending on how large or complex your migration happens to be they’ll be ready to assist throughout your inaugural day, or for some days afterward.

    Analysis and Review

    This is a step we undertake internally. Each quarter our team meets to discuss our migration process. After hundreds of migrations, our approach and people are quite polished, but Analysis and Review help guarantee that we remain top-tier.