Advanced Email

Security needs to be Advanced

Multi Layered Defence

GMX TEC recognises that data security is a journey.
From the point of creation, to sharing it internally with colleagues or externally with partners and customers, sensitive information needs the appropriate levels of protection and
care applied to it throughout its lifecycle.
As a result, customers benefit from a ‘platform approach’ to information security, including highly integrated and flexible services designed to secure data at every step.


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Secure emails with one-click. 
Full integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365
 helps with keeping  you secure and able to share data easily.

Send large files securely.
Bypass file size restrictions to send encrypted large files,
while keeping total control over who has access.

Revoke access to emails.
Stop further access to content you’ve sent. Prevent data breaches,
fix mistakes and control your data at all times.

Recipients use for free.
Never worry about whether or not  recipients
are able to access your encrypted content.

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We're building an internet that protects privacy, starting with email.

Worldwide Highly available 

High Availability Guarantee

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At GMX TEC, we understand that email and messaging services are critical to your business and even the slightest disruption can result in financial impact. Our email service infrastructure is designed to provide 99.99% reliability and availability, all year round.

From internal practices to demanding the highest standards from our technology partners, our email  employs a broad range of policies and protections to ensure the most reliable email and messaging service in the industry.


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Advanced Spam Scanning

Get to your emails without having to sift through spam.

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Advanced spam filtering (ASF) options give administrators the ability to inspect various content attributes of a message.

GMX processes all incoming email through its servers by scanning each message for potential spam and viruses.
Messages that pass our filters are sent through to your mailbox.


Messages meeting the spam criteria or those potentially with viruses are kept on the GMX TEC server for retrieval, if necessary.

You can even setup an automated email to be sent daily or weekly with a list of these quarantined emails.

You can choose if you want any of the blocked emails sent through and whitelist any email addresses you don’t want filtered in the future.

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Block Threats Effectively

GMX TEC Advanced Email is all about Effectiveness and Accuracy

Email Security Solution

Protect against targeted and advanced email threats while accelerating your response to email attack campaigns.








Prevent stealthy advanced attacks with cloud-based sandboxing that uses machine learning along with virtual and physical execution of files to block the most complex targeted & advanced threats.

Gain the deepest visibility into targeted & advanced attack campaigns with advanced email security analytics that include data points on every clean and malicious email entering your organization.

Get the strongest protection against spear phishing by performing deep evaluation of malicious links in real-time, both before email delivery and again at the time of click – in case they are weaponized after delivery.

Industry-leading threat and anti-spam protection for Office 365, Google Apps, and more.


Keep Your Email  Confidential

We offer the strongest data protection controls

 Protection of Sensitive Data

Protect sensitive data and help address legal and compliance requirements with granular data loss prevention (DLP) policies for your email.

Encryption Capabilities

Automatically safeguard the security and privacy of confidential emails by encrypting specific outbound emails using policy-based encryption capabilities.

All around Privacy

Protect sensitive data wherever it resides – in your email, on endpoints, in your network, on the web, within storage, or even in cloud services – through tight integration.

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