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Managed Services by GMX

...we believe that success comes from being on top of things

We offer a range of managed services aimed to maximize the engagement of the end user with the IT service.

we have invested and continue to allocate time and resources to build a strong technical team that includes highly skilled system architects and engineers that can help accelerate your growth and innovation at any point in your IT journey.

Whatever you're struggling with, chances are we’ve already navigated the territory.

Our Professional Services solution engineers have expertise and experience in all the major cloud platforms, IT infrastructure design and technologies.

As your trusted partner, we can handle all aspects of your platform. From a platform migration to providing ongoing management and optimization, so you can focus on your core business.

GMX Managed Services

Professional Services to Simplify your engagement with IT

Managed Infrastructure

Our systems engineers can fully manage all aspects of your systems. 

Managed Network

With our advanced skills in networking, whether LAN, WAN or custom solutions.

Managed Security

Let us introduce you to the working of your infrastructure. From firewalls, IDS / IPS to packet inspection and log analysis.

Managed Data Center

We manage any type of DC operations, either physical or virtual, in-house, private or public Cloud.

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Did you know?


7 / 10 outages

...are caused by system changes

Over 64% of IT budgets

...are spent on keeping things running

GMX Managed Infrastructure Services

Professional Services you can trust

At GMX TEC we have proudly acquired decades of experience in managing IT infrastructures of many different platforms, sizes, technologies user base. As a systems architecture design company specializing in highly available managed cloud solutions, you can say we have seen a lot. We have also learned a lot and we are have developed a highly effective service delivery model.

Our approach is based on a model of comprehensive understanding of both the infrastructure but also the business requirements and challenges. We aim to bridge the gap between the user, the business and technology. Assess the needs of today and the current/future infrastructure requirements. We achieve this by being very analytical in our work.

We aim to understand our clients primary business objectives and how the link with technologies. Our aim is to ensure you can be on top of technological challenges and the rapid evolution in this landscape.

Services Features 

IT Service Desk 

Advanced and interactive web portal to manage issues and tasks. Live Support ( Instant Messaging )  interactive Web Conferencing and traditional email and phone access available. Comprehensive analytic reports and statistics.

Dedicated Service
Delivery Manager


We believe that IT proficiency is linked with
managed and productive relationships. Whether you need advice, an update or anything else, your dedicated service delivery manager will be at your disposal. Service review meetings (online or face to face) are included and scheduled around the customer requirements.

Dedicated Technical Lead

We believe we differ from other suppliers by having a unique approach in customer service, whether technical or not. We achieve this by using a highly available system for resources. This means you have direct access to advanced technical staff. We have found that our approach can result in reducing by 50% or more the time to an issue resolution. Optional onsite system engineers.

    Security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

 The business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP) domain address the practices required to ensure the preservation of the business in the face of major disruptions to normal business operations.
Our IT experts will help with the identification, selection, implementation, testing, and updating of processes necessary to prudently protect critical business processes from the effects of major system and network disruptions and to ensure the timely restoration of business operations if significant disruptions occur.

  24/7 System Monitoring

Using GMX Cloud Monit, we proactively and intelligently monitor all cores systems you have ranging from networking, physical, virtual, storage and other types of servers. With automatic alerting and system based response times, we can achieve a near real-time proactive alerting system.

Software & Security Patch management.

As part of our managed services offering we create comprehensive schedules for operating system, application, and device firmware updates/upgrades. These are agreed in advance and GMX Engineers will perform them in most cases after business hours.

Backup Management

We monitor on a daily basis the backup schedules for the entire IT infrastructure. We actively check for job completions, change in data sizes and other key measurements from our reporting system. We proactively fix any issues that may disrupt the backup routines. Summary backup reports are also visible in the customer area of the portal. We offer backup / restore integrity testing as an option. 

   Highly skilled Staff

From System architects to Systems engineers and service desks analysts, GMX can offer an enterprise level type of skill set. We have put enormous effort into making sure the standard of employees is at the highest level. We also provide continuous training on technical as well as customer service delivery.

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GMX Managed Networks

Good Connectivity is an essential part of IT well being!

We offer comprehensive and bespoke managed network services addressing all matters relating to the set-up
and operation of highly efficient corporate networks,
 including planning through to network maintenance and network security services.

Services Features 

Routers & Gateways

We can design and maintain any type of network router & gateway. We have an extensive understanding of network protocols which gives us a great advantage. Finally, we are vendor agnostic. 

Management and visibility

We offer complete visibility from the core network to our devices, with enhanced, integrated reporting and alarming.

Traffic Management

Real-time communications – instant messaging, chat programs such as IRC, and web conferencing and peer-to-peer networking tools – are in regular use in many organizations today. Application filtering is designed to protect against security threats posed by Internet-based applications. The purpose of it is twofold – enable administrators to restrict personal use of Internet-based applications, such as instant messengers or peer-to-peer clients, and protect a local network from application-specific Internet threats.

Internet traffic monitoring and reporting 
We feature a full-fledged statistics module that allows administrators and supervisors to enforce the company’s Internet access policy effectively.
Statistics can prove the extent to which the Internet is abused in the workplace, and can serve as the primary basis for decision-making when it comes to restricting or blocking certain Internet resources for a specific user in order to fight the abuse.

Proxy-based Internet access

Our services include a number of proxy servers for application layer protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, SOCKS, POP3, SMTP, SIP and H323. All of the proxies can work in transparent mode, eliminating the need to specify the proxy address and port in applications on user machines. You can also specify for what particular network interface a proxy server should be enabled.

Web filtering and proxy-based Internet access

Keep your defense current with automatic intelligence tools, targeted threat analysis, and continuous updates. GMX also controls access through policy-based controls with highly granular blocking and filtering.

WAN optimization

By combining network, application and end-user performance metrics for deep visibility, IT can troubleshoot and fix problems before the user is impacted. Leveraging the solution’s application-aware approach, the most complete set of network services and path selection based on intent-based, business-driven, global policies with local enforcement, you also have significantly improved control to enable business agility.

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Managed Security

Eliminate Malicious Inbound and Outbound Traffic Around the Clock,
 Without the Burden of Device or Signature Management.

Services Features 

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

Elevate your Cybersecurity Decencies needed to protect, detect and respond to advanced persistent threat designed to evade traditional security control

Managed Firewall

Firewall management is resource intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches. GMX TEC monitors and alerts you before damage is done. Proven excellence and ensured client satisfaction.

Managed IDS/IPS

  Explore the key benefits of managed IDS/IPS. GMX TEC can ensure that you will get the maximum value of your devices. We can provide visibility into security activity as well as reports and dashboards that allow you to prove compliance.

Did you know:

 35% of companies

Find out they had a breach 24 Months Later!                              


  Managed Security Support

  GMX TEC delivers advanced data analytics and security insights. Our information security services span complete network coverage, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring, and analysis.

Deep Packet Inspection

Identify what's causing network latency or poor end- user experience. GMX TEC can quickly help you find the root of slowness and identify impacted applications and also filter or otherwise eliminate non-business traffic.

Log Analysis by Experts

Integrate a log management service that you can analyze efficiently. GMX TEC will offer you top analysis tools that you can use to better parse your logs and query the specific log data you need.

Let's cover the basics 


 Managed Data Center

We’ve created a complete vision for the future of cloud,

so you can do incredible things.

DC infrastructures are vulnerable to performance degradation from factors such as network congestion and contention on shared resources. Managing such dynamism in short timescales is particularly challenging. 

Here, in GMX TEC, we focus on 2 key infrastructural aspects: the servers and the underlying network. These pillars need to be managed and provisioned in an efficient and effective manner. And you have come to the right place!

Services Features 

 100% Availability 

  We offer 99,99% availability. If the node hosting your project fails for any reason, the containerized architecture automatically scales out to keep your stack online and fully operational. If your project is affected by any network downtime, we guarantee to pay you back for the lost period.

Increase Productivity

GMX TEC, one of the most flexible, reliable and open source platforms available. Scale seamlessly and grow automatically without pain.  Our services are designed to vastly increase performance and decrease costs.  Start small and scale organically.

Managing SQL and NoSQL 

 We offer fast, scalable and reliable instances of the most popular NoSQL databases, so you can focus on your business, not your database. We optimize every aspect of the stack for maximum performance, from the network to the database.

Backups Secured

With GMX 's customizable configurations for rotation schemes, storage media and retention schedule, you don't need to worry about backups anymore. 

Integrate with Your Custom Application

 Big data applications power a rich ecosystem of tools and platforms. Our environment comes ready to integrate with your business intelligence and analytics applications or primary data store. GMX TEC can provide insights and help with placement of applications across public and private cloud infrastructure.



Take advantage of our best-in-class automation and orchestration framework, methodology and comprehensive toolsets to build a fully business-aligned server and computing infrastructure.

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