Why choose an alternative Cloud Provider

The world is full of choices !

Cloud computing technology becomes a standard when talking about developing businesses nowadays. 
A few years ago, companies were enforced to have dedicated teams for configuring, running and maintaining server rooms which made it extremely difficult to scale up easily and offer a sustainable product. For small startups, it was even more difficult due to the lack of human resource as well as funding.

Choosing the best cloud service for your startup is an essential task every technological entrepreneur must perform.We, at GMX TEC, respect your company and understand it's needs.

There are a few main companies in the race for cloud services providers and GMX TEC is one of them.

But why choose us ?

 Features (offering) 
We offer a wide range of available cloud computing technologies, integrations and possibilities for the next generations of your projects. In order to build for scale, you need to be sure that a cloud vendor can support your application for years to come, and you can be sure of that with us.

Don't forget about our available pricing models and pricing transparency. If you are looking for the largest value possible in the lowest price, you know where to come!

 Ease of use 
 We build cloud architectures and deploy applications really fast and, we easily iterate over the existing cloud architecture. 

 Tutorials and support
Last but not least, GMX TEC offers availability of online resources to help you get up and running with different services, as well as human customer support accessibility.