ISO 27001 Questionnaire

What do I do If I Have a question about Information security?

Who is responsible for cleaning my desk at the end of each working day?

If during an incident you have to escalate an issue, who would you contact?

It is ok to share your password...

It is ok to send a link to a system with username and password all together in the same email.

It is ok to share GMX TEC internal policies with potential clients

Which one of these are considered security incidents?

It doesn’t really matter if the information is held electronically or no paper, it should always be secured appropriately.

What should you do when you leave your PC unattended?

Leaving a document with client details on the printer to pick it up the next day is quite alright.

There’s been an incident and the lines are down.What should you reply to a client that calls asking for an update?

You’ve got a new iPad and want to use it to check work emails, you should:

An email is considered:

What do you need to do in order to dispose a confidential document?

Dropbox can be used if a client requests it.

What’s the max size allowed for email attachments?

Printing in colour is exclusively for proposals and marketing collateral

The GMX TEC Acceptable Use of Assets Policy

The GMX TEC Clear Desk Policy

The B.C plan

The IT Policy

The Information Security Policy

The GMX TEC Incident Management

The ISO 27001 Standard