Cloud computing on your terms


GMX TEC is a specialist cloud computing provider

GMX offers a comprehensive set of cloud products and services on a scalable and accessible platform. You can chose from standard public cloud products or bespoke solutions through our private cloud platform. We tailor services to make our cloud work for your specific business needs, giving you the freedom to build and deploy the applications and tools of your choice wherever you want. If you look for a flexible cloud solution which is delivered with security, confidence and expertise - GMX is the cloud provider for you.

What makes us different

Simply put - we care

Our focus is on service delivery and providing good customer experiences. We believe people work with people they respect and can trust. Based on decades of experience and a exceptional track records, we have learned valuable lessons about how we can address requirements of different businesses. Will always give you the facts and available options and let you make a decision. If we don't want to or can't deliver something we will tell you.  


We don't hide behind automated systems or third party providers, but engage with our customers by making ourselves available online, on the phone and in person. We want you to experience continuity in our cloud service delivery. 


We take pride in our extensive knowledge of different types of technologies. Due to our wide experience with different technologies we are flexible with customisation and delivery and offer both standard public cloud and bespoke privately hosted solutions.


Our products are built on extensive understanding of cloud computing. We know how to make the best out of public clouds and build private hosted solutions on our proprietary platform and technology. In short - we know how to get cloud computing to work best for you.

What we offer

Making cloud work for your busines

We have a stack of public and private cloud products and a range of solutions that can be added on top - all ready to be combined to a package that would meet your organisation's needs.


Cloud hosting

We offer a comprehensive set of technologies and tools required to build the best cloud solution for you. Every cloud is built on layers; our stack contains all necessary layers ready to use to build the perfect solution - that be private, public or hybrid hosting. We will help you chose what's best for you.


Value add products

We offer a range of 'ready to use' or customisable solutions for your business, ranging from backups and recovery to business specific applications. We do not believe one product can solve all your technology needs, but will work with you to select products that in combination can create solutions that are right for you.


Make the cloud work for you

Our passion is technology and our promise is excellence in service delivery. We can work with you along the journey from beginning to end - from consultancy to development, and migration to managed cloud.


Our passion is technology, our promise is excellence in service delivery


Expertise as a service

To achieve the full potential of cloud computing and more generally efficiency in IT services delivery, it's important that the right methodology is applied. At GMX we offer a tailored consultancy service ranging from audits to functional specifications, recommendations, project management and implementation.


Personalised cloud solutions

We offer development services on GMX offered cloud solutions (our private cloud).Off the self public solutions can come in a very generalised scope. A business that aims to excel should be able to customise its systems to it's customer needs. We can do this for you from design and coding  to production, and we offer maintenance contracts for the life time of the code. 


We've done it before

We can help you migrate to GMX - we've done it before and have expertise and experience with all major cloud platforms. Let us help you migrate your data and applications to the right cloud such that you can focus on managing your core business.

Managed services

Tired of firefighting?

We all know that technology is rapidly evolving - but you may be wondering if your organisation is moving in the evolving in the right direction. GMX offers a variety of managed services to eliviate the pain of IT management and ensure your technology stays current and secure. Whether you opt for managed hosting or a version of managed cloud (private, public, hybrid) - we can manage your technology for you.

We've got lots of detail on our products, solutions and services below - but why not get in touch so we can tell you ourselves?

Our Cloud Computing Products

Our stack contains all necessary layers to build the perfect solution 


High Performance Scalable Compute Engine

Compute Engine

App Engine

Container Engine

Container Registry


Storage for all your needs 

Block Storage

Object Storage

Archive Storage

Ultra Fast


Storage for all your needs 

 Relational SQL 


Big Data 



Lets connect you to the world

GMX Virtual Network 

GMX Load Balance 

GMX VPN & Advanced Routing 



A selection of useful tools 

Cloud Deployment



Cloud Portal


Artificial Inteligence

Machine Deep Learning  

Artificial Neural Networks. (Ann) 

Prebuilt images & containers for A.I 

GPU compute for A.I

ANN Modeling

For more details on our products please our products page....            

Our platform is constantly evolving - we add new features based on 

technological advancements, user demand & feedback

Our Solutions

Ready to use Solutions for all type of businesses  

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

High Performance Scalable VDI solution

Run Any App 

Access from anywhere 

Linux & Windows Apps in one desktop

Advanced GPU Graphics 

Business Management

A complete business management solution

Accounting / Sales / Customer Relations

Integrated Websites  

Online Stores (eCommerce)

Human Resources Management 

Cloud Docs

Advanced Data Management

Store / Access data from anywhere

Version Control

Audit Trail

Share and collaborate

Web Apps

Ready to use web applications based on the most credible and popular  frameworks




and anything you can imagine! 

Secure Email 

We believe in privacy and availabilty

Worldwide Highly available

Website / CRM

Online Stores

Human Resources

Windows based Systems 

We have prebuilt images and deployment scripts for many Microsoft systems

ADS Active Directory Services

MS Exchange  

MS SQL &  Sharepoint

MS Remote Desktop Services

IIS Web Services

Backup & recovery








We'd love to hear from you so why don't you contact us so we discuss your business needs and how we can meet them?