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Managed Services pricing plans

GMX - Managed Services Plans for Cloud Providers



£ 45 .00 / Hour

 (billed monthly)
  • Technical Support (Basic troubleshooting)
  • Account & Sales management  upcoming things on your Cloud provider) 
  • Response Times  / 4 business hours only 
  • Email - telephone Support / Portal Access
  • Alert & Monitoring - Basic health status and alerting



£  65 .00 / Hour

(billed monthly)
  • Technical Support (Advanced troubleshooting)
  • Architecture Review and recommendations
  • Dedicated attention from your GMX Support team during your busy period
  • Response Times / 2 hours. Business hours (4 hours - out of hours)
  • Advanced Alert & Monitoring - Application specific monitoring and Proactive response
  • Resource recommendations and deployment guidance based on anticipated capacity needs
  • Launch support
  • Email support / Telephone Portal Support
  • Access to  your Cloud provider's Specialist team 
  • Advanced Resource Monitoring (GMX Monit)



£ 95 .00 / Hour

(billed monthly)
  • Critical Systems Support  (Debug level. Application / Infrastructure aware specialists
  • GMX - your Cloud provider portal management modules and features. Managed Backups, offsite DR 
  • Unlimited access to Support Desk (fair usage assumed)
  • Dedicated Specialist for your public provider
  • 24x7 support ( Resolution Times / 1 hour. (2 hours - out of hours)
  • Proactive Monitoring via GMX advanced Monit Services for your Cloud provider.
  • Launch Support and Guidance 
  • Guidance and support as you scale resources to normal operating levels post-event
  • Dedicated Build for your Cloud provider's space on the GMX cloud, own your systems. Images can be moved to your Cloud provider via the API
  • Account review and planning meetings ( twice a year as standard)
  • Portal Access for monitoring and correspondence
  • Advanced Architecture Consultancy.