<Why choose us?>

 Satisfied Clients
6 areas of expertise
Excellent Personnel

<How can GMX TEC make my life easier?>

We tailor our products and services to make the cloud work for your specific business needs, giving you the freedom to build and deploy the applications and tools of your choice. 

If you are looking for a flexible cloud solution which is delivered with confidence, advanced expertise and is security focused, GMX is the right IT services provider for you.


We can help you choose the right systems 

that won’t mess with your current infrastructure 

and make your transition to the cloud easy


We can help you plan and execute smooth 

implementation procedures,

keeping in mind your Business goals


Because there’s no “one size fits all” solution,

 we’ll start with software, processes &

 training tailored to your business needs

<How we do it?>

Our platform is constantly evolving !

We add new features based technological advancements, user demand & feedback

So what makes us different?

Simply put.... we care !

Our core values are aligned with providing a good customer experience. We believe that people work with people they respect and can trust.
We put great emphasis in our service delivery.
Having decades of experience and a exceptional track record, we have learned valuable lessons about where we should aim our focus. 
We took our time to put in place the necessary systems, personnel training, policies and procedures to make sure you recognize the value in the service you are receiving from us.


We don't hide behind automated systems , third party providers or service level agreements. We engage with our customers. We make ourselves available online (web conferencing , Instant Messaging) or on the phone. If need be we will gladly come and see you. We want our customers to experience continuity in service delivery.  


We take pride in our extensive knowledge in different type of technologies. We only implement solutions we have full control of. This gives us the advantage of being flexible with both customisation and delivery.


We will always give you the facts and available options and let you make a decision.  If we don't want to or can't deliver something we will tell you. These principles are adhered by all departments, from our Sales team all the way to system engineers.


<Our Services>

Our passion is technology, our promise is excellence in service delivery.

  Managed Services

Fed up firefighting ?  

We all know that technology is rapidly evolving. As many organisations with limited in house expertise you might be wondering are we in the right direction? ... are we current?  GMX TEC can offer a variety of managed services to alleviate the pain of IT management.  We operate using the most current  industry standards.


Expertise as a Service

To achieve the full potential of Cloud computing or more generally efficiency in IT services delivery, it's important that the right methodology is applied. At GMX we offer a tailored consultancy service. Ranging from audits, functional specifications to recommendations all the way to project management and  implementation.


Personalized Cloud solutions

We offer development services on GMX offered cloud solutions only. Every business is not the same. We understand that. Off the self solutions can come in a very generalised scope. A business that aims to excel should be able to customise its systems to it's customer needs. We do this for you  from design and coding  to production. We offer maintenance contracts for the life time of the code.

Get in touch !

so we can assist you in your IT transition journey

<Our Cloud Computing Products>

Our stack contains all necessary layers to build the perfect solution 


High Performance Scalable Compute Engine

Compute Engine

App Engine

Container Engine

Container Registry

Instance Types



Lets connect you to the world

GMX Virtual Network 

GMX Load Balance 

GMX VPN & Advanced Routing 



Visit our products please our products page

 Contact us
to learn how you can upgrade your IT Infrastructure

<Our Solutions>

Ready to use Solutions for all type of businesses

Web Apps

Ready to use web applications based on the most credible and popular  frameworks




and anything you can imagine! 

Windows based Systems 

We have prebuilt images and deployment scripts for many Microsoft systems

ADS Active Directory Services

MS Exchange  

MS SQL &  Sharepoint

MS Remote Desktop Services

IIS Web Services

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