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Managed Networks 

Your Business is in safe hands with GMX TEC.

GMX TEC currently powers businesses all over Europe. We work in 2 global offices and many more GMXers work remotely from anywhere!

                                                                                             SERVICE FEATURES  


Connect anytime, anywhere. As Networks                  continue to grow in complexity, GMX TEC can                      deliver end-to -end WAN and LAN management                 with binding     service levels.



Deliver on strong Service Level Agreement, proactive performance management and fast network restoration capabilities. Stay focused on your critical goals by letting us handle the day-to day-tasks.

On Going Effort to Improve Infrastructure

 GMX TEC enables you to choose from a range of solutions. Select amongst mobility, security, hardware and app performance. We handle the growing demands of networking.


Data security

No more Data Breaching! Not only GMX TEC provides data security but we can guide you through any security issue that you might have. Assess the risk and prevent fraud. With maximum security, you can close deals from anywhere. 

Seriously Powerful Network

This service will help you better connect your people and keep them connected to critical data as well. We offer services for network optimization with a variety of techniques, so you won't have to worry about performance issues. Explore the possibilities with GMX TEC.

Amp UP WAN Agility

Exceeding standards with state-of-the art tools. Your hybrid network can move at the speed of business, becoming faster and more agile. GMX TEC uses traffic shaping and quality of service tools -- to increase reliability.

Cost Efficient Cloud Technology

 Powered by GMX TEC

             Managed Security

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 Eliminate Malicious Inbound and Outbound Traffic Around the Clock, Without the Burden of Device or Signature Manage men t.

                                                                                      SERVICE FEATURES 

  Advanced Persistent Threat Protection  

  Elevate your Cybersecurity Decencies needed to protect, detect and respond to advanced persistent threat designed to evade traditional security control.

 Managed Firewall

  Firewall management is resource intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches. GMX TEC monitors and alerts you before damage is done. Proven excellence and ensured client satisfaction.

  Managed IDS/IPS

  Explore the key benefits of managed IDS/IPS. GMX TEC can ensure that you will get the maximum value of your devises. We can provide visibility into security activity as well as reports and dashboards that allow you to prove compliance .

Did you Know:



Find out they had a breach 24 months Later! 


 Managed Security Support

 GMX TEC delivers advanced data analytics and security insights. Our information security services span complete network coverage, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring and analysis.

 Deep Packet Inspection

 Identify what's causing network latency or poor end- user experience. GMX TEC can quickly help you find the root of slowness and identify impacted applications and also filter or otherwise eliminate non-business traffic.

 Log Analysis by Experts

Intergrade a log management service that you can analyze efficiently. GMX TEC will offer you top analysis tools that you can use to better parse your logs and query the specific log data you need.

Migrate your Workload to GMX TEC

Join us and make your company a better place.


Managed Data Center 

  We’ve created a complete vision for the future of cloud , so you can do incredible things.

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DC infrastructures are  vulnerable to performance degradation from factors such as network congestion and contention on shared resources. Managing such dynamism in short timescales is particularly challenging. Here, in GMX TEC, we focus on 2 key infrastructural aspects: the servers and the underlying network. These pillars need to be managed and provisioned in an efficient and effective manner. And you have come to the right place!

                                                                                     SERVICE FEATURES   

100% Availability 

  We offer 99,99% availability. If the node hosting your project fails for any reason, the containerized architecture automatically scales out to keep your stack online and fully operational. If your project is affected by any network downtime, we guarantee to pay you back for the lost period.

Increase Productivity

GMX TEC, one of the most flexible, reliable and open source platforms available. Scale seamlessly and grow automatically without pain.  Our services are designed to vastly increase performance and decrease costs. Start small and scale organically.

Managing SQL and NoSQL 

 We offer fast, scalable and reliable instances of the most popular NoSQL databases, so you can focus on your business, not your database. We optimize every aspect of the stack for maximum performance, from the network to the database.

Backups Secured

With GMX 's customizable configurations for rotation schemes, storage media and retention schedule, you don't need to worry about backups anymore. 

 Intergrade with Your Custom Application

 Big data applications power a rich ecosystem of tools and platforms. Our environment comes ready to integrate with your business intelligence and analytics applications or primary data store. GMX TEC can provide insights and help with placement of applications across public and private cloud infrastructure.


Take advantage of our best-in-class automation and orchestration framework, methodology and comprehensive toolsets to build a fully business-aligned server and computing infrastructure.

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